Uniform Policy and Ordering

The school recognizes that students wearing uniforms will promote equality, a positive self-image, school pride, and set the stage for an atmosphere conducive to academic achievement. If a student attends Clary Middle School, he/she must adhere to the Uniform Policy as established by the School Leadership Team.

The Uniform Dress Code of Clary Middle School consists of:  
  • burgundy and navy blue polo shirts
  • khaki pants or skirts
  • Clary issued sweatshirt
This must be worn everyday students come to school.  Students will also have to wear Clary phys. ed. T-shirts along with their own shorts or sweats while in phys. ed. class.

If a student does not have on their uniform, they will be escorted to the office to call home and or escorted to Ms. Daughton’s office to get a school uniform.  If a student borrows a school uniform, they have to return it at the end of the day to be washed.  There will be a record of the students that borrowed a uniform.
Students cannot be suspended or kept from class because of a uniform infraction.  They can however lose an incentive from not wearing their uniform. Students cannot wear hoodies in school.

Any student not complying with the dress code will get a phone call home, and offered a uniform to wear for the day.  If a student refuses to wear a uniform, there will be a meeting set up with the parent/guardian, student, and Administration. 

Please contact the main office at 315-435-4411 for order forms or download from our website below:

Clary Order Form