Our 2nd Year of Dark Girls: Celebration of Black Girlhood Starts Today

     Published on 10/19/15   Tagged under:    Danforth Magnet School   

The Dark Girls: Celebration of Black Girlhood is an afterschool program for Black adolescent girls, ages 11-18, from the Syracuse City School District (SCSD) aimed at supporting their literacy, identity, self-esteem and social development.  Syracuse University women faculty, staff, and students of color will facilitate workshops on art, dance, writing, literature, and performance that focus on promoting positive representations of what it means to be Black and female in today's society for girls in grades 6-8 at Danforth Middle School.  Drawing on historical woman's narrative and texts and through the critical examination of media and popular culture, Black adolescent girls who participate in the workshops will be guided through a process of redefining and reclaiming their own identities and celebrating their Black girlhood.  Afterschool beginning on Wednesday, October 14th from 3:35-4:45pm.  Interested students must contact Ms. Sgambellone for applications.

Dark Girls is also called Dark Girls Building Women.  The Building Women portion is aimed to provide females with knowledge of different sports and physical activity.  A separate form will be sent home later regarding this portion of the program.