P-Tech Students Learn Interviewing Skills from Industry Mentors

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Tenth grade students in the P-Tech program at ITC took part in mock interviews with Industry Mentors to help them prepare for future employment.
Local business leaders from National Grid, Marquardt Switches, United Radio, G.A. Braun, Lockheed Martin and Liftech met with students to simulate a job interview in the field of engineering.
Laurie Davis works in program management at Lockheed Martin and has been working with the P-Tech since last year. “With my technical engineering background, working with these students was a no brainer,” she explained. “I wish I had a program like this when I was their age! To enter a program like this and tackle the disciplines at their age is amazing. Practicing their interview skills will pay in dividends now as students look for summer jobs, but also later as they hone their skills through the years.”
P-Tech Program Coordinator Nick Lisi said that for many students, this was their first interview experience. “Very few of these students have ever taken part in an interview, so this is really helping to build their skills,” he said, noting that to prepare for the interviews, students updated their resumes and enjoyed visits from HR specialists about interview etiquette.
Students explained how the preparation paid off. “It was fun to get help learning what I need to do to appear more professional,” Deseree Seals said. “I learned that even if you feel jittery in an interview, the person interviewing you can’t tell, so you should be confident in yourself!”
Classmate Dion Hua said he already felt confident taking part in interviews but that it was nice to reinforce some tips. “I got to know a lot of skills that I’ll need to make a good impression, like to dress professionally and be yourself,” he explained.
“This was helpful,” Joshua Bullock added. “Now I know to dress professionally, speak loud and firm, and be ready to answer any question they ask you!”
Thank you to all of the Industry Mentors for taking the time to work with these students!

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