Art Comes to Life at the Everson for SCSD Fifth Graders

     Published on 11/4/15   Tagged under:    District News    Franklin Elementary School   

“I see a flower.”
“I see a purple sky.”
“I see glitter!”
SCSD fifth graders learned to interpret artwork as they visited the Everson Museum of Art as part of an annual district-wide field trip started by Superintendent Contreras several years ago. Each year, fifth grade students experience guided tours of the museum that connect with their fifth grade curriculum. This year, students learned about an exhibition called “The Three Graces,” based on the Greek and Roman mythological trio of goddesses known as Graces, and focusing on the themes of beauty, joy and wonder.
This year, several SCSD art teachers had a unique opportunity to interact with Carrie Moyer, one of the artists, in a professional development session prior to the field trip. “At Carrie’s workshop, she gave us a tour of The Three Graces and had us create a few abstract paintings. It was a lot of fun,” Franklin art teacher Kristen Raymond explained.
Prior to the visit, art teachers prepared students by asking them to brainstorm expectations of behavior in a museum. Students learned not to touch the works of art, to stay in their assigned groups and to talk softly. Ms. Raymond said this preparation was key to a good experience for all.
“I spend a class period before our trip to the museum talking about what students will see and do to help things run as smoothly as possible,” she said. “It also gets students thinking about asking docents questions about what they see, and it allows them to answer the docent’s questions. A teacher said to me in passing that their guide was really impressed by the students’ artistic knowledge!”
Museum guides led students through exhibits featuring pottery, paintings, rugs, sculpture and more, stopping along the way to ask students what they saw and to define characteristics of the different types of art.
Franklin student Tina Thai appreciated the opportunity to examine the artwork up close. “It was amazing, because I got to see abstract art and the value of paintings,” she said. “My favorite was a sculpture of Pepsi and KFC—it looked like it was real! I want to come back to see all the amazing things they have here. Art makes me feel happy and proud.”
Classmate Yahaira Reynolds also enjoyed the abstract art and said she was inspired by the visit. “The abstract art was my favorite. The way artists design it, they use illusions to make it look like it’s popping out at you! I like art because it lets you make different things for other people that look amazing.”
Students were commended by their teachers—and the docents—for their excitement, good behavior and interest in learning about the artwork.
“This field trip allows our students to experience how an artist displays finished work in a museum setting, and it inspires young, creative minds,” Franklin art teacher Kristen Raymond explained.

Thank you to the Everson Museum of Art for hosting our students!