NFL Star visits Lincoln

     Published on 11/9/15   Tagged under:    Lincoln Middle School   

"You're not born a winner. You're not born a loser. You are born a chooser"

On November 6th, former NFL Star Michael Cobb visited Lincoln Middle School to give presentations to the Lincoln boys about making positive choices, both in school and in life. Cobb reminded Lincoln scholars that you have to give 100% in all you do if you want to meet your goals and be a success in life. He spoke about how being a success is not about the money, or the things you can buy, but about the choices you make and the people you meet along the way. He specifically focused on staying alcohol and drug free as part of making positive choices. Scholars were able to not only listen to Cobb's presentation, but ask questions and get autographed cards from the former Cincinnati Bengals and Chicago Bears tight end.  All the scholars in attendance were able to walk away with some great advice from Cobb about making positive choices and approaching every day with the right attitude. 

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