SCSD Educational Foundation Awards Funding for Grant Projects

     Published on 12/2/15   Tagged under:    District News   

The SCSD Educational Foundation has announced funding for 19 grant projects in 14 SCSD schools.
Thanks to this funding, students at Danforth, Dr. King, Dr. Weeks, Henninger, PSLA/Fowler, Frazer, HW Smith, ITC, the Johnson Center, Lincoln, MSAP at Shea, Salem Hyde, Webster and McKinley-Brighton will experience a variety of educational projects, from field trips to cooking classes to theater and audio/visual projects, STEM projects and more.

Teachers were encouraged to submit grant proposals requesting up to $5,000 for a project. Among the projects funded this year are:

  • Expansion of the Underwater Robotics program, including the purchase of underwater cameras, laptop computers and more;
  • The creation of school news studios (including equipment) at Danforth, Lincoln and the Johnson Center;
  • Music technology instruction at Dr. King, drumming at Dr. Weeks and student musicals at Webster;
  • Food-based instruction at Dr. King and Fowler/PSLA;
  • Expansion of arts activities, including the creation of 3D letters at Frazer, the introduction of a “Paint Knight” at Henninger and a tile wall mural at Salem Hyde;
  • Continued STEM enrichment such as rocket building at Frazer and drone lessons at ITC;
  • Social Studies lessons come to life through an interactive timeline project at MSAP at Shea;
  • Real-world field trips, including fishing trips at Fowler and geology field trips at Henninger
  • Expansion of the Building Men program, expanding the program from H.W. Smith and MSAP at Shea to two additional schools;
  • And yoga/mindfulness activities at McKinley-Brighton.
Since the founding of the Educational Foundation in 2003, the group has successfully funded more than 175 educational projects and has donated more than $750,000 to Syracuse City Schools.
Thank you to everyone who made this year’s project funding possible!