SCSD Girls Take Part in YWCA Career Exploration Day

     Published on 12/9/15   Tagged under:    District News   

Close to 20 young girls from across the Syracuse City School District had the opportunity to take part in a career exploration day as part of the YWCA’s Expanding Your Horizons event.

Intended to expose girls aged five to eight to female role models, the experience also allowed the girls to take part in hands-on activities that opened their minds to non-traditional disciplines.

At this year’s Expanding Your Horizons event, girls participated in team building and workshops and even interacted with an environmental engineer, an artist, a cook and an animal specialist!

Through a wind turbine workshop, girls built and tested their own turbines, learning to measure whose turbine generated the most energy. In an art workshop, girls used melted wax to create pieces, learning about this ancient form of painting and techniques to create their works.

A ‘nature in your neighborhood’ workshop brought students on a walk to allow them to interact with and observe the natural world, as well as how to tend to an injured animal. And in a revered cooking workshop, girls made their own Rice Krispie treats while learning basic kitchen techniques!

“It’s never too early to expose girls to local female role models that work in non-traditional fields,” YWCA Youth Development Director Flavia Rey de Castro said.

“This event aims to begin inspiring and supporting girls in establishing their own limits and setting their own future. All our programs at Girls Inc. at the YWCA aim, in the long run, to equip girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and to grow into healthy, educated and independent adults.”

Thank you to the YWCA for hosting such a fun and educational day for the young girls! For more information about the YWCA, please visit their website.