Local Author Talks with ITC Book Club!

     Published on 12/10/15   Tagged under:    ITC   

The ITC Book Club recently read How We Lived by Erin Butler, and last week had the chance to sit down and talk with the author to discuss the book and get to know her as a writer and person.

ITC senior, Alicia Stowe wrote the following about the experience.

“The students of ITC recently read How We Lived by Erin Butler, a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat and waiting until the last page.  Erin Butler is a young adult author, who not only lives locally, but also works at the Onondaga public library downtown. She sat down with our book club to talk about her book and how we felt about it.  I personally loved the book and so did everyone who read it. Ms. Butler opened up about the emotions in the book and what she has done to help get the creative ideas going. She was truly a wonderful person to have come in and talk to young readers. As a writer I her coming in and talking about the true struggles of writing a book and going through the process of editing gave me hope for my writing career. Ms. Butler also agreed to work with me personally on my writing.  She has also spoke with our truly wonderful librarian Mr. Sohoski to have her come into after school and work with more aspiring authors in a writing class. I cannot wait to speak with her again. I adore her as an author and a person. She is doing great things in this world and I hope she continues to write!”

Ms. Butler was joined by Ms. Melton (another librarian at the Central Branch) who has been instrumental in collaborating with ITC Librarian, Mr. Sohoski, in planning many activities, not only for book club members, but all ITC students and area teens.

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