Ed Smith Students Star in Inclusion Talent Show

     Published on 12/14/15   Tagged under:    District News    Ed Smith   

From singing and dancing to card tricks to a History Reimagined video and more, about 15 student acts signed up to participate in the first Ed Smith Inclusion Talent Show.
Ed Smith parent Heather Scanlon said a group of parents started planning the talent show last year as a way to help provide students with another social-emotional opportunity. “We thought that students didn’t have enough opportunities for community building, so we wanted to create an inclusive talent show to give students this outlet,” she said.
Students warmed to the idea immediately, ready to show off their talents!
“I’ve been dancing in Nepalese programs since I was six,” seventh grader Karuna Kharka explained. “I love it. I’m from Nepal, and I’ll be dancing to a Nepalese song. This is the first time I’ve choreographed a dance on my own without help. I’m excited—I think we’ll all do great because we’ll all do our best!”
“I like music. I’ve been rapping since I was in diapers,” eighth grader Avery Butler said. Avery performed a song he wrote himself, noting that it could be his chance to make it big. “I was going to perform someone else’s song, but I thought about it and I was like, I’ll write my own! I could get famous off of this! I’m excited because I feel like a rapper getting to play my own music. I put the song online and people heard me on YouTube and loved it. I’m like an Ed Smith sensation!”
Congratulations to all of the talented students who took part in the show!