PSLA Students De-Stress with Yoga

     Published on 12/17/15   Tagged under:    District News    PSLA @ Fowler   

PSLA sophomore Mikayla Cruz started attending yoga last year on Friday afternoons. Along with her sister and her best friend, Mikayla is now one of the school group’s core members.
Founded by Vice Principal Maggie McRobbie-Taru, the group aims to introduce students to a healthy way of relaxation and reflection. “We do it on Fridays after school as a way to end the school week and go into the weekend with positive thoughts and exercise,” Ms. McRobbie explained. “The breathing and relaxation methods are what the parents have said really impact their children while at home. One parent even shared that since she her daughter has joined our group, she no longer hurts herself physically because of stress and anxiety. After hearing that, I knew we needed to continue.”
For Mikayla, the group is fun not only because of the exercise but also due to the conversation that develops. “Yoga helps me keep my stress down,” she explained. “The music, the breathing and the strength building techniques are relaxing. And after we do yoga, we come up with topics to talk about, like what we’re proud of or what we could do better.”
After attending five consecutive sessions, students earn their own yoga mats to encourage them to stick with the calming activity. Thank you to Ms. McRobbie for starting the club and to the students who choose to take part in this stress-relieving activity!