Nottingham Students Celebrate Culture at "We Are Syracuse" Event

     Published on 12/21/15   Tagged under:    District News    Community Service    Nottingham High School   

Current and former English as a New Language (ENL) students from Nottingham High School took part in a recent “We Are Syracuse” event at Syracuse University.
In a partnership with SU’s Teaching English Language Learners Program and the SU Reading and Language Arts Department, the SCSD students developed narratives and PowerPoint presentations to share their stories and culture as refugees.
The event, in its second year, is meant to promote tolerance and awareness of the struggles and successes of refugees in Syracuse. Students’ work was displayed gallery style, and students presented their PowerPoints to small groups of guests to encourage them to ask questions. Guests also enjoyed Karen and Nepali foods.
“The students took away so much from this event,” Nottingham ENL teacher Lauren Cirulli said. “Not only did it enhance their public speaking skills, but it also gave them an outlet to showcase their culture and discuss their stories with others.”
Thank you to the students who took part for sharing their stories: Kyet Lay, Wa Way Htoo, Patrick Mugisha, Rebecca Zathang, Ayat Awad, Sarah Wayana, Laxuman Sanyasi, Friendly Say, Abdi Maalo, Ganga Kharki and Bhuwan Basnet. Thank you to Dr. Roy-Campbell at Syracuse University as well, for collaborating on this event! 

To view photos from "We Are Syracuse," provided courtesy of the Syracuse University School of Education, please visit our Flickr album >>>