The Tempting Tempest

     Published on 12/21/15   Tagged under:    Nottingham High School   

The Tempting Tempest
By Sophie Nash
     On November the 20th, 21st, and 22nd, the Meadowbrook Harlequins put on a production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I sat down with Lucy Purnine who played Prospera (the lead) to ask her a few questions.
     Prospera used to be the Duchess of Milan, but was cast out of her kingdom with her young daughter. In The Tempest, Prospera has an opportunity to take revenge on those who wronged her, and according to Purnine, this is what a large part of the show revolves around. (She notes that there are three main storylines the audience must follow).
     When asked what she was most worried about, Purnine told me, “Well, there’s always issues with shows, but most of them you get used to them after awhile. But because of the magic, we’re dealing with some special effects here, which will be fine, but since we haven’t worked with them before, it’ll be interesting to see how they turn out.”
      Audiences would say they turned out fantastic! Besides the magic, they were also pleased with another aspect of The Tempest. This staging was a steampunk version.  You can see Lucy Purnine and the rest of the Meadowbrook Harlequins next in Pippin this spring.
 The cast of The Tempest poses in character after a performance.  Photo by  Xavier Boyer