Van Duyn Performs Dance Routines at 2nd "Shareformance"

     Published on 12/23/15   Tagged under:    Van Duyn Elementary School   

Red House, Van Duyn’s enrichment partner, has been teaching an arts enrichment class every day since the beginning of September. While students are in class with Redhouse their teachers are in professional learning communities, working together to improve student learning and achievement. Students learn new, exciting skills and then show off what they have learned in a “shareformance”.

 December 10th was Van Duyn’s second shareformance, where students showed off their amazing dance routines.  Each grade had a different dance routine based on something they had researched in class. For example, Kindergarten students researched and learned about the seasons and weather conditions. Their dance, then explored how different weather conditions can make you feel and move.

Fourth grade researched celebratory dances from around the world, focusing on a celebratory dance from West Africa called the KuKu dance. They then learned this traditional choreography and preformed it for their peers. 

In Fifth grade, students were researching five different environments and the food chains related to those environments. Students then created abstract movements based on the characteristic of an animal within that food chain.  In order to do this, students learned about the ideas behind modern dance, studying choreography terms and using these to make their movements come alive like animals.

Redhouse’s next project involves creating puppets for the show James and the Giant Peach, coming to Van Duyn on January 7th