Van Duyn CHAMPS Get Toy at Holiday Toy Drawing!

     Published on 12/23/15   Tagged under:    Van Duyn Elementary School   


Every year Van Duyn holds at Holiday Toy Drawing, where students can win a prize if their name gets picked out of a bag. This year Van Duyn’s holiday toy drawing was Van-tabulous!  Toys were donated by Bradley Addison of the United States Air Force. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity as well as teachers and staff from Van Duyn passed out these year’s presents to the happy winners.
In order to be a contender, students had to not be absent or late for the month of December and exhibit CHAMPS behavior (Courageous, Hardworking, Motivated, Persistent, Scholarly and Safe).  On Tuesday, December 22nd, every hour or so Mrs. Williams would get on the announcements to pull the next few names out of the bag. Students whose name were chose got to come down to the conference room, which had been transformed to the Van Duyn Holiday Gift Shop. There students could pick any gift they wanted.
To make the day even more magical, Santa and Jingles appeared at Van Duyn Elementary! Visiting all the classrooms, they came around passing out candy canes and bringing holiday joy!