Ed Smith Students Celebrate Community with Buddy Reading

     Published on 1/4/16   Tagged under:    District News    Ed Smith   

Students at Ed Smith came together as a community in the school’s first-ever Buddy Reading event.
In buddy reading, older students visited the classrooms of younger students and were paired up to read together. Thanks to candy cane donations from the Ed Smith community, students enjoyed a sweet snack during the activity as well.
“We wanted to create a community between the middle school and elementary school,” explained Administrative Intern Christina Louis, who organized the event with the school’s PBIS team. “We thought reading would be a great way to do it!”
Eighth graders visited the third and fourth grade classrooms, seventh graders visited second graders, sixth graders visited first graders and fifth graders visited kindergarten classrooms.
As the students read together, they also bonded. Students discussed everything from holiday traditions to their school days to where they have been on field trips and more.
“It was really fun… I enjoyed it,” 8th grader Jade McKenney said. “I hope the younger students enjoyed it, too! I know I helped a younger girl learn some new words, which was really nice. It would be cool if we could do this again with the same students and get to know each other better!”
Classmate Xavier Steele agreed. “It was fun. I liked reading to the younger kids,” he said. “I feel like I’m setting an example, because if the younger kids see me reading, it helps them become more interested in reading.”
As the students became comfortable with each other, many started trading off—with the younger students taking their turn to read to the older students, too.
Third grader Malachi Thornton said that being with the older students made reading more enjoyable. “I don’t like to read,” he said. “But today, it was okay. The older kids made it fun!”
As the eighth graders left to return to their classes, Malachi yelled out to his new friend, “Have a good time in high school!”
Thank you to everyone who took part in this community building activity!