Bellevue Students Learn Leadership Skills Through Tutoring Program

     Published on 1/6/16   Tagged under:    District News    Bellevue Elementary School   

Fifth graders at Bellevue Elementary have a unique opportunity to help influence the younger students in their school.
Thanks to a peer tutoring program, fifth grade students who have been recognized for positive leadership skills, responsibility, self motivation and willingness to help others have been selected to work with second graders on their reading skills.
“The objectives of the program are for the second graders to become readers and gain confidence in reading, while the fifth graders get a chance to be celebrated for making good choices and being strong students,” Literacy Coach Mary DeSantis explained.
Each day from 11:45 to 12:10, the older students visit the classroom of their younger partner and work with them in the hall on everything from alphabet puzzles to spelling activities to worksheets and more.
Ms. DeSantis noted that the fifth grade students are trained before working with the younger students on phonemic awareness and learning their sounds and letters, and they ‘debrief’ each Friday during their lunch period.
“We’re like an extra teacher who gives you the attention that you need,” fifth grader Janiah Powell explained. “For me, it’s easy to help because I help my younger brothers and sisters at home when they’re learning, and this is kind of the same thing. I feel happy on the inside for helping them learn!”
“I like doing worksheets with them and helping them spell,” Aniyah Hudson added. “I know I’m also helping them learn what they will need to know when they get to a higher grade. When I was in second grade, multiplication was hard for me, and he [younger student] struggles with it too, so I feel good that I can help him.”
Thank you to the fifth grade tutors for being good examples and for helping their peers learn to love reading!