Nottingham Key Club Collects Socks for a Cause

     Published on 1/14/16   Tagged under:    District News    Nottingham High School   

The Nottingham Key Club members have been working hard to do their part in helping the community.
This winter, they decided to set up a collection drive in their school to help the Syracuse community. Nottingham student Sophie May contacted In My Father’s Kitchen, an organization that works to provide food, and clothing and other supplies to Syracuse residents in need.
When she asked them what they could do to help, the organization expressed that they were in need of packaged socks. So she took the idea to her school’s Key Club, and they ran with it. They set up donation boxes and began to collect socks!
 “A lot of people donate shoes, but there are no socks that come with them,” senior Cooper Breed explained. “So a lot of refugees come here and have boots or sandals but no socks. Some of our classmates and their families are refugees, so it’s really great that we’re making a direct impact… the collection that we’re running has the potential to benefit our own friends and classmates.”
Nottingham Key Club Advisor Tom Little said these types of projects not only benefit those in need, but the students doing the service as well.
“This kind of involvement promotes good character and a positive self- concept,” he said. “Key Club’s commitment to volunteerism benefits the Nottingham community by promoting involved and invested citizens.  It also promotes future citizens that are kind, caring and compassionate members of the Syracuse community as a whole.”
At Nottingham, the Key Club, an international high school service organization sponsored by Kiwanis, has also collected baskets of food for Thanksgiving and is working to work on a fundraiser to raise awareness about neonatal tetanus—a Key Club service initiative.
“The community service events are fun!” junior James Erdman explained. “It’s nice to do something that I know is helping the community I’ve lived in my whole life.”
Thank you to the Key Club for their positive contributions to the school and the greater Syracuse community!