Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

All Clubs meet from 2:30-3:10 (unless otherwise noted)
Club Meeting Days Location Advisor
Art Club Mondays Rm 18 Mr. Williams
Big Brother/Big Sister (School-Based) Wednesdays Delaware School Mr. Salibrici
Book Club Monday or Wednesday Library Ms. Wonders
Chess Club Tuesdays Library Ms. Wonders
Culture&Cilmate/PBIS Wednesdays Library Ms. McRobbie-Taru, Ms. Buckley
DECA Wednesdays Rm 105 Mr. Voltz & Mr. Voss
Environmental Club Tuesdays Rm 208 Ms. Woods, Mr. Gates & Mr.Smith
Gay-Straight Alliance Thursdays TBD Mr. Benedict
Girls to Women Fridays Rm 251 Ms. Broughton
The Green Team Thursdays Rm 251 Ms. Adu-Krow
Math Club Thursdays Rm 201 Ms. Lindhorst
NSBE Saturdays 10am Nottingham HS Ms. Williams
NJROTC Drill Team Thursdays Rm 228 G.Sgt. Collins
Peer Leadership Thursdays Rm 139 Mr. Salibrici
Robotics Daily Rm 265 Mr. Levine
Seeds of Peace Fridays Rm 129 Ms. Price
SHPE Jr. Wednesdays Rm 242 Ms. Bielejec
SkillsUSA Tuesdays Rm 011 Ms. Calabrese
STEM Club Daily Rm 265 Mr. Levine
Yearbook TBD Library Ms. Wonders
Yoga Fridays TBD Mr. Nolan
Other School Organizations and Advisors
Student Council-Ms Broughton Superintendent's Cabinet-Mr. Benedict
Senior Class Advisors-Mr.Heath, Ms. FIello Junior Class Advisors-Ms. Broughton, Ms. Adu-Krow
Sophomore Class Advisors-Ms. Price, Mr. Lesh, Ms. Rothschild Freshman Class Advisors-TBD