Community Partners Praise SCSD Career and Technical Education Programs

     Published on 1/27/16   Tagged under:    District News   

Middle School counselors recently gathered at the SCSD Professional Development Center as part of a training session to introduce them to the District’s many Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs available to students beginning in 9th grade.
The counselors learned more about the various CTE programs offered throughout the District, heard from a panel of business partners and toured CTE facilities at PSLA, ITC and Henninger, all in an effort to encourage them to provide 8th grade students with information about the career preparation possibilities offered in the SCSD.
Professionals from partner businesses praised the CTE programs for their impact on SCSD students—their potential future employees.
“K-8 is so important in college and career preparation,” Nakeia Chambers, Diversity Initiatives Specialist at SUNY Upstate Medical University, explained. “We need to help set students’ eyes on a career path before they’re in high school.”
“I can empathize with the difficulty at the high school level of positioning students well for the workplace,” Kirk Narburgh, Partner & CEO of King & King Architects,
said. “We want them to be successful, so we need to focus on our talent that is here. The earlier we can develop these students and their interests, the better!”
“Middle school kids are very enthusiastic,” Lonnie Stallcup, Jr., Manager Continuous Improvement at Laboratory Alliance, added. “We love to come to schools and classrooms to talk to kids about what we do—how to draw blood, what happens to the blood next… it’s a good opportunity to expose them to these things and spark that idea that they could continue on this path.”
Lisa Mondello, SRC Director of Corporate Communications & PR, said that middle school counselors, teachers and parents can be an important resource in encouraging students to explore what fields might excite them.
“Students need to know what a job is and what the requirements are before they can get a degree,” she said. “Students should be encouraged to focus in on something to give them an idea of what they’d like. No matter what their interests are—culinary, engineering, health—there are opportunities all over! It’s important for students to find something they love.”
Thank you to the business experts for their strong support of our CTE programs, and thank you to the middle school counselors for their enthusiasm!
To learn more about the CTE programs offered in the District, click here to visit the CTE website.