NY State Trooper Visits ITC!

     Published on 1/29/16   Tagged under:    Academics    ITC   

NYS Trooper, Brian DeRochie, out of the Troop D Oneida Headquarters came to ITC and spoke to students in Ms. Furcinito’s SUPA Forensics and General Forensics classes about careers in the NYS troopers, his career path and what he enjoys about his job.

Some of the things the students found particularly interesting:

  • It was interesting to note that when background checks are done on potential NYS troopers the individual's past is investigated back to age 10.
  • Of the approximately 4,500 troopers across the state 1/2 the force can retire now. This opens up many opportunities in the near future for candidates.
  • It is extremely competitive to become a trooper, with a class at the academy starting in March 2016 of 255 recruits. Six to seven thousand candidates wanted those slots.
  • The personal quality that Trooper DeRochie considers the most important in the job is the ability to communicate with people.
  • If someone wants to pursue a career as a forensic investigator, they must work in the field as a road trooper for approximately four years.