Fowler/PSLA Students Tour Rural Metro Facilities

     Published on 2/8/16   Tagged under:    District News    PSLA @ Fowler   

Students in Fowler/PSLA’s First Responder Academy visited Rural Metro’s facilities recently, touring the building and meeting with a paramedic and EMT.
The students learned about the training required to become a paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician, procedures they perform, the equipment in ambulances and more. Students even took part in demonstrations of CPR, using a neck brace, a defibrillator, a sling, EpiPens and more.
PSLA sophomore Hala Alnoamy said the visit exposed her to things she had not experienced in the classroom. “I like learning about EMTs and I want to be a doctor one day,” she explained. “This program shows me how to treat people, and when I go to college, I will have that experience already. Today was neat because I have been in an ambulance before, but I hadn’t seen any of the stuff in use before!”
Angel Williams, a senior at Fowler, said she learned about some new medical techniques. “I didn’t know that if there is no airway, they can use a needle in your throat to create one,” she explained. “It was cool to see all the stuff they have in an ambulance and how it is used.”
Emergency Medical Service teacher Brandi Schaefer said the goal of the trip was to provide this exposure to students, in an effort to help expand their interest. “It’s always great for them to have hands-on experience to enforce what they are learning in the classroom,” she explained. “This trip will help them remember what they’re learning and will hopefully spark a greater interest in the field!”
Thank you to the Rural Metro staff for welcoming our students!

To view photos from the students' visit, please click here to view our Flickr album >>>