Frazer Students Show Personality with 3D Letter Project

     Published on 2/10/16   Tagged under:    District News    Frazer K-8 School   

Frazer art teacher Melissa Dougher submitted a grant proposal for a project that would allow students to create their own 3D letters.
Students drew a letter representing their initials on chipboard, cut them out and then traced them to create a mirror image. Next, students placed small paper cups in between the two letters to make the objects 3D. They applied plaster bandages to the outside of the letters to create a decorative surface, and then painted and decorated their projects as they desired.
“They’re taking a 2D drawing and turning it into a 3D structure,” Ms. Dougher explained. “They have to use their critical thinking skills to figure out how to make it stand. Plus, it’s something tangible they can take home with them. Several of them have said they plan to give them as gifts to family members!”
“I want mine to be super glittery and look like outer space!” 7th grader Hind Hosheshi exclaimed. “I’m going to put it in my bedroom. This is such a fun project because it lets us show our personalities!”
Classmate Unique Blount added, “I want mine to be covered in polka dots. It’s been so fun to be creative with this and try new things!”
Great work to the students on this project, and thank you to Ms. Dougher and the SCSD Educational Foundation for making it possible! This is one of 19 projects funded in 14 schools this year, totaling $50,000. The SCSD Educational Foundation has funded more than $750,000 in SCSD projects since 2003.