Van Duyn Students Hold Penny Drive

     Published on 2/19/16   Tagged under:    Van Duyn Elementary School   


Martin Luther King Jr. Day was more than just a day off for Van Duyn Elementary Students. After learning about all of Martin Luther King Jr's experiences and sacrifices, Van Duyn decided that they wanted to make Martin Luther King Jr Day, a day of service, where students gave back to their community. In 5th grade students created blankets for shelters and created Valentine's Day cards for senior citizens, but they wanted to do more. So Van Duyn students decided to conduct a penny drive for Scotty Fura.  Scotty is a 12 year old boy that lost his arm in an accident when he was 2 years old. Students were encouraged to bring in pennies to help support Scotty getting a prosthetic arm.

Scotty and his mom visited Van Duyn Elementary School on Friday, February 5th.  Scotty inspired all of us as he spoke and demonstrated that “you must make the best of your life regardless of the circumstances you are presented with”. Scotty read his book Scotty's Way and challenged to students to one handed contests. Students were challenged to take off their shoes and socks and then put them back on with one hand. Students enthusiastically tried, but Scotty won every time.

Scotty and mom were teary-eyed when presented with the check for $201.42.  The donations made by students and staff will go a long way in helping Scotty receive a prosthetic arm.