Nottingham 11th grade students explore ‘Fundamental Freedoms’ during the Civil War, Reconstruction, and Progressive Eras

     Published on 2/23/16   Tagged under:    Nottingham High School   

Eleventh grade students in Nottingham’s Humanities Project spent time working in collaborative groups on an inquiry project where the essential questions were “How are our fundamental freedoms affected by others?” and “What social, political, and economic issues tended to divide Americans both before and after the Civil War?”  Students researched various aspects of the Civil War, Reconstruction, and Progressive Eras, while blending curriculum from both their ELA and US History courses, to produce a digital documentary using the Photo Story 3 program.
In reflecting on the project, student Megeno Abdi shared, “Making a video in photo story was the best project experience I have had in high school; I have never used a program like that before. It helped me to find out more about a topic; and using my voice, selecting my images, creating captions, and customizing the effects allowed me to show it in such a cool way. I was very proud of our work.”
With the support of their teachers, Jodi Burnash, Anne Daviau, Sean Martin, and Geoff Roberts, alongside the LMS Maureen Page, students were guided step by step through the planning and research process, including citations and narration, to not only demonstrate content knowledge and writing / production skills, but to show collaborative practices required for college and career readiness.  Student documentaries were then shown during a movie screening in which they gave positive and constructive feedback to one another.
Here are some of the final projects: