SCSD Schools Earn Improved Accountability Status from New York State Education Department

     Published on 2/29/16   Tagged under:    District News   

New data released from the New York State Education Department (NYSED) shows that nine out of the eighteen SCSD schools currently in receivership status made significant academic progress; these schools will be removed from the receivership list.  In addition, four other schools in the Syracuse City School District have made improvements in their accountability status designations.
Franklin, Hughes, Bellevue, Grant, H.W. Smith, Nottingham, Porter, Seymour and Van Duyn schools have all been removed from priority status, improving to ‘Focus’ or ‘Good Standing’ designations.  Four of the seven schools—Bellevue, Porter, Seymour and Van Duyn— are a part of the Innovation Zone (iZone) and improved from ‘Priority’ to ‘Focus’ status.
Improved academic outcomes have been driven by dedicated teachers, school leaders, support staff, parents and students as well as the coordinated efforts of the district’s technical partners and community based organizations (CBOs).  These efforts help ensure that more students have access to excellent teaching, personalized academic intervention, high quality enrichment and increased levels of social emotional and mental health supports. Key strategies that schools are implementing with the assistance of technical partners and CBOs include extended learning time and after school programs, personalized blended learning, used of data to drive school improvement efforts, and strategies to enhance school climate, classroom management and student and parent engagement. The district is also attracting top tier teachers through a competitive new contract and a focus on recruiting, hiring and retaining the best teachers.         
“Coupled with the recent increase in graduation rates, the latest NYSED data serves as an affirmation that the tireless efforts of the students, staff and technical and community partners of the Syracuse City School District are making a difference and moving us in the right direction,” Superintendent Sharon L. Contreras said. “Our District’s mission is to build school communities that provide all students with a high-quality education that prepares them to graduate college and career ready. We will continue our transformation efforts to ensure that our students experience the greatest possible educational gains.”
Furthermore, the recent data showed the number of SCSD schools considered in ‘Good Standing’ has tripled, from three in 2015-2016 to nine in 2016-2017. The schools in 'Good Standing' include Expeditionary Learning Middle School, Delaware Primary, Franklin, Hughes, Huntington, Institute of Technology, Public Service Learning Academy, Salem Hyde and Syracuse Latin. Previously, the three schools in ‘Good Standing’ were as a result of the phasing-in of new schools PSLA at Fowler, Syracuse Latin and Delaware Primary. In addition, the schools designated as priority schools, the lowest performing five percent of Title I schools in the state, have decreased from 18 in 2015-2016 to 12 in 2016-2017. These identifications are based on the annual performance of students on state assessments, as well as graduation rates.
Other schools that improved are Expeditionary Learning Middle School (Focus to Good Standing), ITC (Focus to Good Standing), Salem Hyde (Focus to Good Standing) and Huntington (Focus to Good Standing).