Rochester Museum and Science Center

     Published on 3/1/16   Tagged under:    Dr Weeks Elementary School   

On February 25th, fourth grade students at Dr. Weeks went to the Rochester Museum and Science Center. A visit to the planetarium was the first stop of the trip! Students learned about stars and constellations in the Sky Theater. Along with this was a lesson called Native American Skies, where they listened to Native American stories related to the sky world, told by Native American people of the local region.
After the planetarium, students had free time to explore the science museum. They explored a traveling exhibition, Frogs: A Chorus of Colors, which had display cases of frogs from all over the world. The simulator ride was another highlight, bringing us to the bottom of Lake Ontario in a deep submergence vehicle simulator. Everyone had a blast!
If you're interested in the museum or planetarium, more information can be found at the Rochester Museum and Science Center website,