Frazer Students Learn Etiquette, Communication Skills through Oratory Team

     Published on 3/9/16   Tagged under:    District News    Extra-Curricular    Frazer K-8 School   

Sixth grade students at Frazer have mastered the importance of maintaining eye contact. They have honed their communication skills and have practiced writing and performing persuasive speeches. Soon, they will be preparing to learn how to debate.
As part of Frazer’s Oratory Team, the students meet weekly to work on these skills. Technology teacher Scott Daley said when he created the club, his short term goal was for students to learn skills and techniques related to public speaking—and to have an opportunity to use these new skills by delivering a public speech.
“My long term goal, though, is to encourage debate teams to be developed in all of our city middle schools,” Mr. Daley explained. “It would be wonderful to see the students challenged through competitive extracurricular academic teams!”
For the Frazer Oratory Team, students are progressing fast. Their first experience with public speaking came at a PTSO meeting, where the students gave speeches about the importance of an oratory team, seeking support for a team dinner. The students sought—and successfully received—funding to attend a dinner at Strada Mia restaurant, where they would put their newly acquired etiquette skills into practice.
The fancy meal aside, students have enjoyed their lessons—including videos and corresponding discussions about communicating effectively, table etiquette and more.
“I really like oratory team,” Bayan Hanoon expressed. “I’ve learned things like how to be proper when I am sitting at the dinner table, and how to get in a car properly when I’m wearing a dress!”
For their second speech, the students wrote about the importance of not bullying others—and then recited their remarks to their peers at an Extracurricular Club Assembly.
“We have learned how to present ourselves well and how to stand up for people who are being bullied,” Victoria Barlow explained. “We always want to present ourselves the way we want to be seen, and not let others just decide how they want to see us.”
Beyond setting a good example to their peers, Mr. Daley said he has seen a change in the Oratory Team members themselves.
“The majority of the girls have grown more confident in their speaking abilities, politeness, and overall sense of self worth,” he added.
Kyasia Ramsey agreed. “Before I started this group, I did things that were not okay and I was getting in trouble in school,” she said. “Now, I’ve started to change and I’ve learned to start doing good things instead.”
Great work to all of the Oratory Team members on their dedication to becoming stronger communicators!