This Just In: Students Become Journalists, Share School News

     Published on 3/21/16   Tagged under:    District News    ITC    LeMoyne Elementary School    Nottingham High School    Porter Elementary School    PSLA @ Fowler    Roberts preK-8 School   

“I love to be on TV! I’m like a rock star,” one LeMoyne student exclaims after taking part in a Gator-TV production.
Monday through Thursday, LeMoyne Elementary students have the opportunity to take part in the school’s news program, where they help lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance and the school pledge, share announcements and more. Each week, students from a new class are sent to take turns helping with G-TV.
“If we do the news here, maybe we can grow up to be a weather girl,” LeMoyne second grader Ahnyah Pryce hoped.
“Taking part in the news helps them with their public speaking skills, active listening skills and more,” LeMoyne Library/Media Specialist Michele Romeo explained. “The kids love seeing the G-TV set and watching the announcements each day. It helps them take more pride in their school and has really helped create a sense of community.”
School news has also created a stronger sense of community at Roberts, where students read the lunch menu, birthdays, the weather, trivia, school events and more.
“It’s fun to work with someone else to read the news and know that the whole school is seeing it,” eighth grader Chelsea Townsend explained. “I’m interested in acting, so it’s nice to be on camera. But the best part is after we’re done filming the announcements, because then we go to our second period class and we all get to watch them together and laugh together!”
At Porter Elementary, Library/Media Specialist Sue Limpert said the school news serves multiple purposes. “It’s helped with our school communication, letting everyone know what’s going on,” she said. “Plus, it’s a great experience for the students because they get to see what kinds of things they can do as they get older.”
Sixth grader Marie Malkoske acts as the student anchor of Porter’s newscasts most mornings, alongside Principal Wil Mecum. Selected by a teacher because of her strong reading skills, Marie has quickly grown to love her daily task. 

“It’s great because I’m bringing fun and enthusiasm to everyone else in the school,” she said. “Plus, I like to be involved! But if I was a real news anchor, I’d be terrified, because the whole world would be watching me!”
For high school students, that widespread attention is sometimes the goal. With student-run news programs at ITC, Nottingham and PSLA at Fowler, students work within a full news studio setup to produce daily newscasts that are broadcast throughout the entire school.

Nottingham students in Bryan English’s Introduction to Media Communications class spend an entire semester producing the school’s daily announcements. Every five weeks, they rotate through different positions: graphic designer, photographer, writer, reporter, editor, teleprompter operator, anchor, sound/lighting, camera operator and director.
Senior John Dacosta said he signed up for the course because he has an interest in broadcasting. “I know it’s a challenging job and the market to find a job is pretty small,” he explained. “I figured this class would expose me to things I would need if I were to pursue this as a career.”
Classmate Danajah Riley also appreciated the practical experience the class provided. “My cousin is a reporter, so I was inspired to learn more about the field,” she said. “Being an anchor was my favorite. It gave me a chance to have the feel of being in front of the camera and how I can improve. It was challenging to have to interview people and write our own scripts, but this is definitely something I’d like to learn more about!”
For ITC students in the Digital Multimedia program, their experience in broadcast journalism is even more in-depth. Last year, the students studied an introduction to media communications. This year, they are learning about newscasts, and next year they will study advanced media communications.
Students at ITC work in two teams and rotate through roles producing newscasts twice a week. At the beginning of the year, students had a whole week to put together a newscast.
“I want to be a sound engineer one day,” junior Malik Clarke explained. “This program is great because if sound engineering doesn’t work out, I can always fall back into broadcasting. Some schools have journalism classes where they learn from books. My experience is hands-on learning. I can edit an iMovie, I can edit a script, I know how to handle recording. I’m ahead of the game!”
Classmate Adastee Grant said she also liked the career preparation aspect of the program. “It’s fun to record the news, be on camera and take pictures,” she said. “I’ve learned the importance of choosing the right stories for your audience. Plus, it gives me advanced experience if I want to be a videographer.”
At PSLA at Fowler, the morning announcements are just starting back up, after students worked on a complete overhaul of the studio set. While some of the Introduction to Media Communications students say their primary interest isn’t in the news industry, they say they are still gaining valuable skills from the experience.
“I’m really interested in working with photography,” junior Rousie Vazquez explained. “Doing the news has taught me about camera angles and things I would need to know working in the field.”
Classmate Aujuan Mason had a similar take. “I’m interested in sound and music,” he said. “Doing the news has helped me learn to use the sound equipment and I’veeven learned how to make my own sounds.”
“We’ve learned how to use Photoshop,” Savannah Hanley added. “And the news has been fun. It’s been helpful to keep everyone in school up to date about what’s going on. There’s always something going on for us to tell them about!”
PSLA students have been visiting Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes to take photos and videos, which they hope to use to create videos to show middle school students the programs that they could pursue in high school.
Keep up the great work, SCSD news teams! We look forward to watching as you continue #makinggreathappen!