Mouse Trap Car Competition

     Published on 3/21/16   Tagged under:    Extra-Curricular    ITC   

The Ngo and Keegan Foster from ITC took 1st Place at the SECME Mouse Trap Car competition hosted by Syracuse University College of Engineering on Saturday March 19th.  P-Tech students Emma Ortiz, Geroge Doubler and Anita Khamtan took 3rd place with their car. In addition to building and racing their cars, students score points by doing a detailed drawing and writing a technical report. Bonus points are also awarded for creative alternative designs.

The following students also had cars racing at the competition: Taquan Miller, Luis Morales, Tran Ngo, Norge Rodriguez and Kaitlyn Veith.
Having won the regional competition, The and Keegan will now compete in the national championship in Tennessee this summer.