New York State Assessments in April

     Published on 3/24/16   Tagged under:    Hughes Middle School   

Our students have been working hard all year with their learning.  They will be ready to do their best on the New York State Assessments in April.  The New York State Assessments in ELA for grades 3-5 will be administered April 5th through the 7th.  The Math Assessments for grade 3-5 are April 13th through the 15th.
The New York State Assessments help to prepare our students for college and careers.  The assessments provide objective information about how students are progressing toward the higher learning standards.
The tests have changed.  This year’s assessments:
  • Have a decreased number of test questions
  • Are untimed
  • Greater teacher involvement in creation of the tests
  • New test vender
In addition, this year’s assessments are not part of the teachers’ score.
Again, the New York Assessments are a crucial tool in determining student progress toward the more rigorous Common Core.  They prepare students for the Regents exams required in High School.  It is in your child’s best interests to participate in the assessments.
In order to help our students to do their best on the tests, please be sure your child gets his sleep the night before; arrives on time for school; and understands that there is “nothing” on the test that has been taught.
Please call us with any questions you may have.  Thank you for working with us to ensure our students’ success!