ESF Renewable Energies Field Trip!

     Published on 3/29/16   Tagged under:    Academics    ITC   

Students enrolled in ESF’s Renewable Energies class took a field trip to the ESF campus.  Students were given a tour of the facilities which included the green roof and solar array before getting down to some work learning about systems diagrams, different types of renewable energy production, and potential career paths.  The trip culminated in a contest between groups of students to design, and test, a windmill, with the goal of producing the most power.  ITC science teacher, Ms. Furcinito and librarian Mr. Sohoski joined in the competition too; however their innovative design performed poorly compared to those of the students.

A special thanks to Dr. Rick Beal, Dr. Neal Abrams, Maura Stefl, and ITC graduate Jake O’Connell for hosting such a fun and academically challenging event.

For more pictures please visit the We Are ITC Facebook page.