5 Wits

     Published on 3/30/16   Tagged under:    PSLA @ Fowler   

Computer Forensic pathway students practiced team building skills at 5 Wits using math and science related topic to problem solve different situations. According to the company: "At 5 Wits, you and your students will be hands-on, solving riddles, piecing together clues and working as a team! We feature state of the art technology with inspiration from real world adventures that will keep your group on their toes, learning and being entertained the entire time! We are your one stop for that unique field trip. We will inspire, challenge and serve as a fun way to incorporate math, science, literature and history into each student’s day, which will be full of adventure!"
10th grade PSLA student Hailey Hayden explained that " Going to 5 Wits was a fun unforgettable experience. This experience took ordinary computer forensics students (Us) on one of the greatest adventures of a life time. In these adventures we defeated evil Cabal, and the evil spaceship. We might have not been a solid team going into those rooms, but we definitely were when we came out. This proves how important teamwork is."