Henninger Pep Band, Cheerleaders Bring School Spirit to Events

     Published on 4/1/16   Tagged under:    District News    Henninger High School   

It’s a dying art, Henninger Band Director Rory Edwards explained of pep bands, but at Henninger, theirs is an important puzzle piece in the school’s band performance cycle—and the school community as a whole.
“Henninger has a deep family tradition, and the pep band is a mainstay of this tradition,” he said. “In the 51 years that the Henninger band has been active, I am only the fourth director. This program promotes stability for a community that is in constant flux. I like to think that the Henninger pep band is a reminder that tradition and community should be the core values of a program.”
For senior Enfinity Clark, a cheerleader, it was a family tradition that got her involved in her sport. “My brothers used to play Pop Warner football, so I was around it and wanted to get involved,” she said. “As a cheerleader, we’re kind of role models—leaders for the school. And we liven games up!”
Junior Alex Moore, who plays Alto Sax in the pep band, also got involved because of a family influence. His older brother, Joe (’15), played in the band for four years!
“I’ve always loved music,” Alex explained. “Pep band is just something extra that lets me play my instrument. But it also puts more spirit into everything. It shows the extent of our involvement here at Henninger. We’re not just a school about sports—we’re all involved and part of a bigger team. It’s great being able to support the school.”
Classmate William Woodrow, a senior, plays drums in the pep band. “It gets people hyped up and gets the audience cheering and enthusiastic,” he said. “It adds to our school spirit! People stereotypically see band members as outcasts. But our pep band is like as big a deal as the basketball team—we’ve kind of become our own community!”
Even Vice Principal Ed Blasland recognizes the impact the group has on the school. “Our pep band does a fantastic job,” Mr. Blasland said. “They attend every home game, football and basketball, and really get the crowd enthused. They really make it feel like you are at a NCAA Division I event! We receive numerous compliments as people are exiting the games and they are always so impressed with the students.”
Thank you to all of the dedicated cheerleaders and pep band members for spreading school spirit throughout the Henninger community! 

To view a video of the pep band in action, please click here -- and to see the cheerleaders perform alongside the band, please click here