PSLA Students Enjoy Partnership, Mentoring through The Links, Inc.

     Published on 4/4/16   Tagged under:    District News    PSLA @ Fowler   

Once a month, professional women from throughout the Syracuse community come together at PSLA at Fowler to mentor a group of young women.
Initially brought together through a crew class their freshman year, these students—now sophomores—have learned about the importance of community building, positive interactions and community service. In their first year, they managed a food drive, made blankets for the homeless, volunteered at the Rescue Mission, visited Cornell University and more.
Now, in year two, members of a women’s volunteer service organization, The Links, Incorporated, have partnered with this group of young women to serve as mentors and partners in service.
“We’re going to follow them all the way through their senior year,” PSLA Special Education teacher Karen Broughton explained. “We want them to be successful, socially and academically. Really, we want to help get them ready for life post-graduation, whatever that may mean for them.”
To help the girls determine where their path may lead, they spent their first meeting with the mentors creating vision boards, allowing them to define and clarify where they see themselves.
“My goal is to go to college,” Mary Margaret Spencer said. “This group will help me focus, because the mentors will help keep me on track, make sure I’m doing my work, things like that. It will be nice to be able to tell them that I’m staying on track.”
“I needed a role model to help me pick a college and to help me if I need guidance in the future,” Uriah Howard said. “I’ve never had a mentor like this before, so this is a big step. I feel like I can go farther in life now, and I can help my younger siblings be better and make better choices, too!”
“It’s a really good group,” Mary Margaret added of her first year and a half in the program. “I’ve gotten to see things I don’t usually see—like we visited the jail and we worked with the homeless. It’s given me a broader perspective and has helped me be more open minded.”
Thank you to all of the mentors with The Links, Inc. for taking the time to create positive relationships with our students!