The HSE Program

Millions of adults have completed their high school diploma in General Equivalency Diploma programs, known as the GED. However, the term GED is now trademarked and the correct term is HSE for High School Equivalency.

The HSE program is designed to increase a student’s employment potential or to enroll in a higher education program. The TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) is an exam to determine whether an individual has attained standard high school level academic skills. Individuals who pass the exam are awarded a HSE diploma.

The TASC exam can only be taken at official test centers across the state.  You cannot earn your HSE diploma through an online process. The test is a seven hour exam, administered over two days, and broken down into five separate smaller tests based on subject area: math, social studies, science, language arts reading and language arts writing. A student must pass each of the five tests. The TASC exam is overseen by the New York State Education Department.

The Syracuse City School District encourages students to enroll in a preparation course at one of our classroom sites with our certified teachers who will assist you with your studies. 

Our HSE preparation programs are FREE of charge.


For HSE intake and registration please call 435-4115.