Bellevue Students Create Puppets with Help of Open Hand Theater

     Published on 4/20/16   Tagged under:    District News    Bellevue Elementary School   

“I want to stay at Bellevue forever!” a third grader exclaimed as she excitedly played with her new puppet.
Thanks to a collaboration between Bellevue Music Teacher Christine DeLuca and Art Teacher Rhonda Holtzman, third grade students in Amanda Andrews’ class enjoyed a visit from Open Hand Theater Artistic Coordinator Peter Fekete during their art/music enrichment time.
Under Mr. Fekete’s direction, students traced patterns of arms, legs, boots and bodies and decorated them based on their own vision. After they cut out their designs, their teachers helped attach the various parts using metal fasteners. Attaching a wooden craft stick to the back of the body and one arm, students were left with a personalized hand puppet!
“Mine is a blue fairy,” one student shouted.
“Mine is a ninja,” another explained.
In preparation for Bellevue’s upcoming Multicultural Celebration, third grade students are learning about Pinocchio and have been making Pinocchio puppets in art class. Because Pinocchio is from Italy, the country featured in this year’s celebration, third graders will be creating their own play featuring music and their very own puppets to perform at the celebration. Students have been watching portions of old versions of the movie to rewrite an adapted version for their performance.
“We wanted the students to learn to be expressive and take on a character, and the puppets are a great way to do that,” Ms. DeLuca explained. “It’s so exciting for the kids because it makes learning so much bigger for them!”
What a fun activity and a great way to learn about art and music! Thank you to Ms. DeLuca and Ms. Holtzman, as well as the Open Hand Theater, for leading the project.