Curriculum Central

As many of you know, the Syracuse City School District is in the process of a tremendous transformation. The Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and a district focus on supporting what matters in classrooms and schools to impact student achievement are both key levers of this transformation. The single most important thing we can offer our students is highly effective instruction, and SCSD is committed to supporting you in your work with our students.

Teachers has been engaged in the work of developing and revising a standards-based curriculum and assessment platform for English Language Arts and Mathematics in grades PreK-12 for use by all teachers of those grades and subjects. The purpose is to provide teachers with prework necessary for effective instructional planning. This includes but is not limited to:

  • the level of Bloom's taxonomy required by the curriculum standard,
  • a knowledge of where students are in relation to that standard (progression),
  • how students will achieve that level of cognition (instruction),
  • how we will know they have achieved that level (unit assessment), and
  • a reasonable time for the teaching and learning (pacing).

To view the ELA and Math curriculum pages follow the hyperlinks. Each subject page features more information about the key instructional shifts and links to individual grades.

You can access information regarding the Social Studies curriculum and get up to date information on professional development and other department news.