Employee Services

Christopher Miller, Ed.D
Chief Human Resources Officer

Lisa A. Wade
Executive Director of Employee Services

Julie Millas
Manager, Call Center and
Staffing & Compensation
Noelle Corrado
Typist II

Carol Foeillet
Personnel Specialist

Tammy Steinberg,
Personnel Specialist
Sheba Graham,
Personnel Specialist

Lindsay McFarland,
Personnel Aide

Tamika Robinson
Personnel Aide
P:  (315) 435-4171
F:  (315) 435-4163



Employee Services is an internal centralized shared service center of Human Resources, comprised of the Call Center, Employee Benefits and the Staffing & Compensation teams, that manages all employee inquiries and HR transactional processes for the Syracuse City Schools.  Our team provides service to roughly 4,000 District employees.  Our team supports every stage of the Employee Life Cycle with impeccable customer service and accurate and efficient transaction processing.

We welcome the opportunity to assist YOU in any aspect of your employment!


Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service (ESS) webpage is designed to provide you with the information you need to successfully help monitor and update your human resources information with the Office of Human Resources and Payroll departments.

ESS enables you to monitor and edit certain pieces of your own information. For example, you can now view your paychecks, W-2 forms, compensation history, leave balances, and benefits summaries. You can also edit information including addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, direct deposit information, and tax withholding information. In the future, we may add additional features to ESS. This is part of our work to enhance customer service and efficiency as part of our strategic plan, "Great Expectations: 2012-2017". We’re giving you more control over your own information, decreasing paperwork errors, and reducing paper waste in an effort to “go green.”

Should you need assistance with making changes, please refer to our  Employee Self-Service User Guide.


Employee Assistance Program

HelpPeople is an Employee Assistance Program offered as a benefit that provides professional assistance when personal problems affect your job, your life or the lives of your loved ones.  HelpPeople services are free, voluntary and confidential.

HelpPeople offers a variety of services...click on the link above to learn more!

Employee Assistance Counseling;   Proactive approach to helping individuals address problems include defining the problem(s), outlining a method for handling the problem, assisting through short-term intervention and providing appropriate resources.

Information and Resources:  Self Assessments, Addictions, ADD/ADHD, AIDs, Alcoholism, Anger, Anxiety/Panic, Caregiver, Change, Co-Dependency, Communication, Conflict, De-Junking Your Life, Depression, Diversity, Divorce/Separation, Domestic Violence, Drugs, Eating Disorders, Elder Care, Family, Finances, Gambling, Grief, Health/Wellness, Humor, Identity Theft, Learning Disabilities, Legal, Marriage/Relationships, Men's Health Guidelines, Parenting, Retirement, Self-Esteem, Sexual Harassment, Smoking Cessation, Step Families, Stress, Substance Abuse, Teen/Adolescents, Time Management, Women's Health Guidelines, Web Legal and Web Financial.

Training:  Supervisor Training and Employee Educational Program Schedules

Wellness:  Detailed information regarding all aspects of health topics.

LIVERPOOL (890 7th North St.)
SYRACUSE (600 East Genesee St.)
FULTON (163 South 1st St.)

(315) 470-7447 or (800) 777-6110


FAQ for CTLE Hours
New Registration and Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Requirements
- Effective July 1, 2016

Register and Input CTLE Hours:  Teach Online Link

Request for Use of Personal Day
(Consecutive or immediately before/after holiday, recess or vacation.)

Please refer to your UNION CONTRACT for specific language regarding the proper use of personal days before you complete this form.

It is understood that the use of personal time is to attend to personal matters which cannot be accomplished outside of normal working hours.

Use of consecutive personal leave days or the use of personal days requested either before or after a holiday, shall be considered only after an employee has submitted this form detailing the reasons for such absence and providing the appropriate documentation to support this request. Requests which do not meet the intent for the use of personal leave or are not filed with at least (5) five days advance notice will be denied.

Personal leave days may not be taken on days immediately preceding and/or subsequent to scheduled vacations except in cases of family illness or unless authorized by the Superintendent pursuant to a valid written request submitted by the employee.

PLEASE NOTE: The individual personal day requests that are not consecutive or before/after holidays or vacations may still be reviewed and approved by the building supervisor.

Request for Use of Personal Day Form

Retiring or Resigning from the District?

It is important for the District to learn of retirements and resignations as early as possible so that we are able to recruit and select highly qualified people to fill future vacancies.  We always ask employees to please notify us of their intention to leave their position as early as possible.

If you are retiring or resigning from the District, please be sure to complete the electronic form:   RETIREMENT/RESIGNATION FORM

PLEASE NOTE:  Employees transferring to positions in a different bargaining unit need to complete this form.  However, employees transferring to positions within the same bargaining unit do NOT need to complete this form.

Salary Adjustment Request & Administration
In all salary adjustments, the responsibility for making the written request and obtaining substantiating proof, rests with the individual making the request.  In applying for a salary adjustement, the employee shall:

1)  Complete a Request for Salary Adjustment form by clicking on the following link:  REQUEST FOR SALARY ADJUSTMENT
2)  Obtain substantiating proof from the college, university or national organization (i.e. transcript and/or other appropriate documents)

Please note:  In order to be OFFICIAL, any item submitted to substantiate the request must bear the signature of the authorized representative and seal of the issuing institution.