School Nurse Feature: Tammy Lowe, Huntington

     Published on 5/13/16   Tagged under:    District News    Huntington K-8 School   

With two young children at home, then-family practice Nurse Practitioner Tammy Lowe took some time off to care for them. When the children entered school, she anticipated taking a part time job at a hospital. Instead, a full-time School Nurse position opened up at Huntington.
Coming from a family of many teachers, relatives encouraged her to take the position, believing it to be an ‘easy’ job.
“I did some soul searching, and now, here I am in my second year as a school nurse,” she recalled. “Boy was it a rude awakening! It’s a hard job.”
Ms. Lowe describes her day, starting with the list of medications she has to administer to a portion of the more than 1,000 students at the school. She notes the field trip forms she has to prepare, where she lists allergies, medications and other items of note. Daily, she sees about 50 students, treating everything from stomachaches and headaches to cuts and lice and more serious injuries and illnesses.
“There’s so much to do in a day,” she said. “You have to be independent and think on your feet. Parents look to you for guidance on health and social issues their children may be having. It’s a lot.”
But Ms. Lowe is the right person to handle it, Huntington School Health Aide Christine Del Vecchio insisted. “She’s very easy going,” Ms. Del Vecchio explained. “She adopts to any situation and doesn’t get stressed out in what is a very overwhelming job! And she’s great with the kids.”
Students seem to agree. Ms. Lowe smiled as she described a group of students—she refers to them as her ‘entourage,’ who stop in every day just to talk. One of these former frequent chatters even went on to study nursing in high school, due to Ms. Lowe’s influence.
“That has to be my proudest accomplishment,” she shared.
Despite the stress her job brings, Ms. Lowe says each day is worth it. “This is one of the first jobs I’ve ever had where I look forward to coming to work every day. I’m lucky to be located right by the front door, where students and staff are always passing by the office. I love the people I work with!”
Thank you, Ms. Lowe, for all you do!