Nottingham Students Design Sneakers for Vans Custom Culture Contest

     Published on 5/16/16   Tagged under:    District News    Nottingham High School   

Three Nottingham students created custom-designed Vans sneakers as part of the Vans Custom Culture Contest. The contest, designed to inspire high school students to embrace their creativity through art, requested four creations following the themes of art, music, action sports and local flavor. This is the fourth year Nottingham students have taken part in the competition.
“I looked at pictures of instruments, records, music notes and things like that,” freshman Allison Pangborn explained of the inspiration for her music themed shoes. “I’ve always been creative and I like to listen to music, so this was a fun way to express myself.”
“My art teacher said that since I’m having artist block, working with a new medium would be a good idea,” senior Ema Furuya said of creating her art-themed shoes. “I wanted to incorporate newer platforms like Photoshop with traditional media like painting. It was a new experience, because I’ve always worked with a flat surface when doing art, and it just all came to me on a whim!”
For the local flavor pair of Vans, freshman Natalie Feikes tried to mimic the culture of the artistic and diverse Westcott neighborhood. Great work by these artistic students!