Van Duyn Holds 1st Ever Math Bee!

     Published on 5/20/16   Tagged under:    Van Duyn Elementary School   

This year Van Duyn held its first ever Math Bee! Students from all grades (PreK-5) were given various math assessments on their grade level. These math assessments were timed. The contest began with a time limit of 3 minutes and with every round one minute was taken away. During the last round each of the students that remained were only given one minute to solve their math problems. The student that got the most math problems correct in one minute was the winner of the Math Bee.
 Pre-K practiced orally counting to 100, counting to 200, identifying numbers to 9, then identifying numbers till 20 and finally patterns with shapes. Kindergarten assessments included counting to 100, skip counting by 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s to 100, identifying what number comes before and after and adding numbers to 10. First grade and second grade assessments included adding digits to 10, adding digits to 20 and subtracting numbers within 10 for first and within 20 for second grade.  Third, fourth and fifth grade practiced multiplication to 10, multiplication to 12, division within 10, division within 12.   
There were seven Math Bee winners: Ramelo Kearse from Pre-K, Alexana Montanez from Kindergarten, Darius Liepke from 1st grade, Royal Hamm from 2nd grade, Hope McMillian from 3rd grade, Kaleb St. Louis from 4th grade, and Rahmier Baines from 5th grade. These winners were taken to Gannon’s for ice cream and then to the Dollar Tree for a $5 shopping spree with their gift cards.
We are very proud of these ‘Van-tastic’ students and their amazing accomplishments! Congratulations Math Bee Winners!

Picture of Math Bee Winners

Pictures of Math Bee winners getting their prizes