Ed Smith Science Fair Shows K-8 STEM Knowledge

     Published on 5/27/16   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    Ed Smith   

Who is faster—boys or girls? Which gender has better memory? Do video games impact your heart rate? Ed Smith students in kindergarten through eighth grade studied these questions and more for the school’s science fair, where more than 100 student projects were on display.
Kindergarten through fourth grade students worked together on class projects, while grades 6-8 submitted both individual and small group projects. Students said the science fair gave them an opportunity to show their love of science by examining a topic they are interested in.
“Not many people think about how caffeine impacts you, so we decided to look at that” seventh grader Gabby Vincent said. “Our results were too varied to reach a conclusion, so if we did this again, I’d do more testing! Science is one of my favorite subjects because you can learn so much.”
“Caffeine made my heart rate lower and [Gabby’s] higher,” partner Devin Murphy-Stanley added. “So I’d be curious to see if gender impacts the results.”
Classmate Will Schofield-Broadbent said that after visiting his aunt and uncle, both marine biologists, at work, he was intrigued by a water filtration system they used there. He decided to examine which naturally occurring substances filter water best: sand, gravel or a mixture of the two.
“I like coming up with information on my own in a hands-on way, rather than just reading about it,” he explained, noting that sand acted as the best filter. “This gave me a small idea of what it could be like to do this kind of work as an adult one day.”
Congratulations to all of the young scientists who contributed their findings to the school’s science fair!