LeMoyne Elementary Students Enjoy Visit from Author Tim Green

     Published on 6/13/16   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    LeMoyne Elementary School   

Fifth graders at LeMoyne Elementary got a special treat recently when author, CNY native and former Atlanta Falcons football player Tim Green surprised them at school.
“My mission is to encourage these guys to read,” Mr. Green said. “You never have to buy a book to read. You can go to the library—find books you enjoy, that make you want to keep turning the pages.”
A love of reading, he said, is important to becoming an educated, well-rounded, empathetic person.
“At your age, I dreamed of being a NFL player,” he told students. “But I realized that education is more important, because it stays with you for the rest of your life. No matter how good or bad your life is now, you have the ability to create your destiny and decide what you want to be. You can make it happen!”
After reading several chapters of his new book, ‘Home Run,’ to students, Mr. Green surprised them by giving them each their own copy to keep. He noted that if students don’t enjoy the book, they should consider giving it to someone else who might, suggesting that for each book they pick up, students should read the first five chapters. Then, if they’re not engaged, they should move on and try finding something that piques their interest more. One student said she already knew Green’s newest book would be a hit.
“I love his books,” Izabella Pobutkrewicz said of the author. “They remind me of everyday life, because they take place in our city. My brother was a football player and went to Grant Middle School [where Green’s new book is based], so it connects to my real life!”
Mr. Green also left students with a homework assignment: to say or do something nice for another student—for someone who is sad or lonely or different than they are. Kindness is key, he said, and is something to pass on.
Thank you to Mr. Green for his generosity and his passion for developing lifelong readers!