Middle School Students Become Leaders at WCNY Enterprise America

     Published on 7/5/16   Tagged under:    District News    Grant Middle School   

“It’s not easy to run a business!”
“It’s hard to pay back loans.”
“Ugh, I just got a ticket for walking on the grass!”
At WCNY’s Enterprise America city, SCSD middle school students apply their STEM, financial and civic literacy skills as they run businesses, enact laws, cast votes, pay off loans and more.
In preparation for the experience, students spend about a month in class preparing using Enterprise America curriculum where they learn math, ELA and social studies, learning how to manage their money, apply for a job and work at a business. Then, they have the opportunity to spend a day at the WCNY Education Center, where they run a pretend city, learning to communicate, collaborate and problem solve.
After recording their interest, creating a resume and applying for jobs, students are able to serve as Mayor, Judge, bank presidents, business owners, accountants and more.
“The students learn how demanding it is to work so hard at their business,” Grant sixth grade math teacher Kristen Marcely explained. “They have a new appreciation for finances, paying bills, and keeping track of their own money because the program enables students to actually experience the job. We held a community circle when we returned from the trip and they raved about the basketball shoot, the popcorn sales and the driving simulator.  They even told the kids that were absent that they missed one of the greatest days ever!"
Thank you to WCNY for providing this fun and educational way for students to learn what it means to be college, career and civic ready!

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