PSLA @ Fowler HS Mission and Instructional Belief

Our mission is to provide students with a challenging academic program integrated with career and technical education. In collaboration with public, private and higher education partners, students will be introduced to careers in law enforcement and emergency response, national security, and entrepreneurial fields. Graduates of the Public Service Leadership Academy will be prepared with professional leadership skills to attend college or pursue careers.

It is our instructional belief that effective high school instruction creates a student-centered environment which engages all students in thinking and learning. A struggle with complex tasks, based  in relevant, real world questions from multiple points of access and multiple points of view, relates new content to a student's prior and continuing knowledge

PSLA Goals:

All our students will graduate AND:
  1. Earn at least one industry credential
  2. Pass the 5 gate-keeper Regents exams with an 80 or above
  3. Earn at least 12 college credits
  4. Embody the character to be successful in their post-secondary area of area of study or career choice