Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th & 5th Grade
2- 24 packs Crayola crayons
2- box of tissues
2- pack of black EXPO brand dry erase markers 
1- pack #2 wooden pencils
6- Elmer's glue sticks
1- box Gallon Ziploc bags
1- pack paper towels (Linden only)
2- Large, pink erasers
2- Packages of #2 plain, yellow pencils
2- Boxes of 24 Crayola Crayons
1- Pocket Folder
1- Backpack
2- 4oz. bottles of Elmer's Glue (white)
2- Small Glue Sticks
2- Boxes of Kleenex Tissue
1- Package of Play-Doh
1- Backpack
2- Boxes of pencils
1- box of black dry erase Expo markers (fine Point)
1- Clean sock to use as an eraser
1- box of crayons
1- box of markers
Large pink erasers
4- glue sticks
3- black and white composition notebooks
5- plastic folders
1- package of loose leaf paper
2- boxes of tissues
1- Large hand sanitizer
1- box of gallon size zip-lock bags
Disinfecting wipes
Sneakers for Physical Education
3- Notebooks
(one blue, one green, one choice)
4- Folders
(one blue, one green, one red, one yellow)
Supply case/pencil bag
Glue sticks
Dry Erase Markers (fine point)
2- Tissue boxes
Hand Sanitizer
#2 Pencils
Black/Blue Expo Markers
Yellow Highlighter
Blue Folder
Red Folder
Yellow Folder
Green Folder
Purple Folder
Lined paper (wide rule
Glue Sticks
Index cards
Sticky notes
2- Spiral notebooks
2- Composition notebooks