Summer Academy at Dr. Weeks

     Published on 8/18/16   Tagged under:    Academics    Dr Weeks Elementary School   

This summer at Dr. Weeks was a busy one! Our Summer Academy began on July 5th and went right through August 2nd. The students had fun in so many different activities!
Mrs. Farwell’s and Mr. Ibarra’s class raised chickens and learned about early photography. Using a camera obscura the students documented the growth of their chickens and butterflies with their increasing knowledge of the pin hole camera. They, then, learned how to develop their photographs in the dark room. 

Click on the link below to see our students in the dark room!
Dark Room

Mrs. Quinn's and Mr. Petroff's students learned all about their favorite author's and illustrators. Based on that information they created reading benches showcasing their favorite authors. The students then created their own original pieces and had a book signing! 

 Who wouldn't want to read on this bench!

Mrs. Hustedt's and Ms. Nordin's class didn't just play with Legos and iPads; they utilized these resources to find out how robots help us in our modern world. Everything from keeping our oceans clean to stop flood gates, robots are amazing inventions. The young engineers were visited by a drone as well. They learned how to control it and helped take pictures of our school and neighborhood!

  One awesome engineering class!

So many more things went on this summer at Dr. Weeks' Summer Academy, this is just a taste! We can't wait for the school year to get going so we can share even more great explorations by our students! 

See you in a few weeks!