A group of 16 students from Dr. King Elementary School toured several educational facilities at Morrisville State College recently, learning about the school’s horticulture, dairy, aquaculture and agriculture programs.  

Morrisville professors and staff brought the students through the school’s Spader Greenhouse, the Arnold A. Fisher Dairy Complex, the Aquaculture Center and the Controlled Environmental Agriculture greenhouse. The students had the opportunity to learn about the diverse programs available at Morrisville.

Eric Bremiller, of Morrisville, taught the students about aquaponics, which is a sustainable food production system of raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks. The students were delighted to watch how trout was produced and raised for another food source. The students also enjoyed seeing how cows are milked and how the milk is processed for purchase at the grocery store.

Dr. King principal Sheadric Barbra and teacher Mike Atkins accompanied the students on the Morrisville tour. Thanks to Dr. Christopher Nyberg, Grant Jackson, Dr. Steve Mooney, Shawn Bossard and Laurie Trotta, of Morrisville, for leading students across campus. And thanks to Morrisville for providing lunch, ice cream and such an interesting learning opportunity for Syracuse City School District students.