SCSD Students Vote in Mock Election

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With 70 percent of the vote, SCSD students recently elected Hillary Clinton to become the new President of the United States! The 3,300 student ballots favored Clinton over Gary Johnson (10.2% of votes), Donald Trump (9.7%) and Jill Stein (9.2%).
Students at all SCSD high schools had the unique opportunity to vote for President, Congressional and Senate representatives in a mock election. The idea behind the activity was to help students gain an interest in civics and to promote active citizenship.
At PSLA at Fowler, freshmen in Mr. Lanchantin’s global studies class watched political ads leading up to the election to analyze why a voter would support a particular candidate. They also took a quiz that helped them see where their interests aligned with different political candidates.
“My students have been learning about the importance of becoming an active global citizen, and understanding what's at stake in the 2016 election is an important part of that,” Mr. Lanchantin said. “I believe it is beneficial for students to take part in the mock election process because having some familiarity with filling out a ballot could ease any anxiety about not knowing how to vote when they are of voting age.”
“I listened to the information we got in class and made my decision on who sounded best,” Richard Brown explained. “Political ads don’t always show who the candidates really are, so I wanted to know how they would actually make a change.”
“The mock election is cool because now when we grow up and can vote, we’ll know how to do it correctly,” Melvianishua Rodriguez said.
At Corcoran, Ms. Durant’s classes created posters depicting candidates’ stances on top issues in the election, such as education and homeland security. The posters lined the school’s hallways leading up to the election to help educate students as they pondered who to support.
“I’ve taught government here for 20 years,” Ms. Durant explained. “But I’ve never seen kids so excited for an election. Probably 75% of my students watched the first debate—they were quoting it! It really made them aware of the issues, which as a teacher, is so nice to see!”
Most students expressed that it took some serious research before they decided which way they would  cast their vote.
“I voted for Hillary Clinton, because I don’t think Donald Trump can be trusted with making decisions for our country,” freshman Noel Kearse said. “Hillary has at least had some experience being in the White House and in government.”
“It was nice to vote,” classmate Nevaeh Harrison added. “I felt like I had power and a voice.”
Great work to all students who took part in the SCSD mock election and are now #SCSDCivicReady!

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