ITC P-Tech Students Study Engineering at OCC

     Published on 10/3/16   Tagged under:    District News    Academics    ITC   

Eleventh graders in the P-Tech Mechanical Technology and Electrical Engineering programs are now part-time college students, taking classes at Onondaga Community College two days a week. This fall, one group of students is taking a machining class; another is taking a technical drawing class. In the spring, the groups will switch.
In the technical drawing class, students say they have worked on 2-D drawings and using a computer program called Auto-Cad. On Mondays, they take part in a one-and-a-half hour lecture and then do computer work on their own. On Wednesdays, students take part in labs.
“It’s way better than classes in high school, because we have so much freedom and we aren’t watched all the time,” Lilly La explained. “It makes us learn to be more responsible. And the professors do know we’re high school students, so I think they go easy on us a little bit.”
In the machining class, students have learned how to use a drill press and have talked about the proper safety procedures for operating machines. Or as William DeJesús joked, “We learn how to cut metal and make mistakes!”
DeJesús also noted the more demanding class schedule, with his OCC lectures lasting three hours compared to the 40-minute ITC class blocks. “They do give us breaks,” he said. “But then we have to finish the work at home on our own. The difference with the college classes is that if you don’t ask questions, the professor assumes you understand. So we have to learn to ask!”
“College classes are a lot different than high school classes,” Jamillah Milton agreed. “There’s more freedom. The teachers don’t wait on us! But it’s a good experience. It gets us ready for our future because by the time we go to college, we will be ahead of people.”
Continued good wishes to our P-Tech students as they continue their studies at OCC!